Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dry and mighty


Is it really June already? Apparently, so says the weather.


But even though the days aren’t as intensely warm as the past few months, things can still get pretty humid and sticky.

That’s why I did myself a favor and got myself a pile of Uniqlo Dry-Ex polo shirts and tees, which work as they are billed!


I still keep my rubber flood boots inside my office pedestal just in case, but most times I’m happy with dock shoes – and lately – even trainers for more comfortable walks.


There’s no hiding behind the passage of time, no matter how much I want to deny my own frustrations and disappointments.


BUT, who can sink eternal optimists?


I can’t say anything new yet is coming my way – something to change how I’ve been living and handling things – you know, just not to jinx it.


Let’s just say I’ve removed my camo and have allowed myself to be seen in the open.


Give and take a few weeks, maybe months – who knows?


Life and death, yin and yang, black and white, success and failure: aren’t all these just binary opposites?


Overlapping, incestuous cousins?


Yeah, that’s Mr Grey once again speaking (Jekyll and Hyde rolled into one).

Polo shirt, Uniqlo Dry-Ex
Shorts from Bangkok
Camouflage cardigan, Level 5 Five
Shoes, Sebago
Hava Howlite and Lava Bracelet, Bosquejo

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